Sacred Sexuality and Fem-pire Building

with Nadine Lee

Your sexuality is sacred, it’s your relationship to your personal power and creativity. 

The question isn't "What are you capable of?" It's "What are YOU willing to be and do to create the life and business you desire?"

When you're at your best, it's because you choose to be. If you want to become more confident and ignite that eroticism within you, then start by making the choices that allow you to do so. Be unapologetic in everything that you say and do, and stop apologizing for how you feel or what you think (or don't think)! 

This episode will help you to tap into your most unapologetic expression to increase your personal power to realise your ultimate dreams in business! 

Today, we are joined by Nadine Lee. Nadine is the Founder of Tantric Alchemy, a Teacher of the Feminine Tantric Arts, an Avant-Garde of Embodied Feminine Leadership, and a Devoted Lover & Sexual Liberator.

At the core of her work, she is here to help people to expand on every possible level, helping people to ignite their erotic fire and guide them into the channel of their potent creative force with their highest expression. Here, we are so absolutely passionate about helping people to realize their ultimate potential through their authenticity and through their embodied self-expression.

Discover and realize your full potential and get to authentically express yourself by tuning in to this episode!


(00:04) Nadine’s journey into Tantric Alchemy

(04:11) The Path of Feminine vs Masculine Leadership 

(10:01) How to shift and move to this feminine paradigm

(12:17) What is the difference between sexual and spiritual energy? 

(18:44) Nadine’s advice for women who feel jealous of other women’s self-expression

(26:11) Nadine’s go-to practice for understanding men

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