Build Your Empire From The Inside Out

The 9 Pillars of a Sustainable, Scaleable and Self Expressive Empire That Shapes A Better World.

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A bible for entrepreneurs to release imposter syndrome, stop hiding and find the courage and confidence to build an empire that shapes a better world

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Release the Shackles: What defines us is how we rise back up

Our recovery tells the story of our innate strength and our resilience.Our ability to stand back up when the world is against us is how we fiercely roar.How we rise and grow, whilst faced with adversity inspires wisdom and passion.Walking our truth, living a life that others say is impossible; this is the currency we trade.We release the shackles and are free.

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Unapologetic: Shedding Inauthenticity To Become Uniquely You

There is nothing quite like a woman who embraces her power and unapologetically embodies her uniqueness.

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Magdalene Rising: Feminine Leaders Guided By Her Fierce and Unconditional Wisdom

Magdalene Rising tells the inspiring stories of 29 courageous women who each embody the frequency of Mary Magdalene in their own beautiful expressions. These women listen to their heart and inner knowing above all else and fiercely stand in their feminine power serving through their gifts, leadership, and shining their light so brightly they light the path for others.

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