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My talks shift long-held perceptions on business, life, relationships, health and the pursuit of happiness. 

By creating sacred spaces for people to think, question and innovate, we plant seeds that give rise to the world we desire. 

I create a soulful experience so your audience can look inwards and find the answers to the questions they’re grappling with. I aim to connect on a deep, human level to inspire and ignite change. 

My style is unashamedly philosophical. I openly share the experiences that have led to my recovery from poor mental health and sexual trauma, and my success as an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author. As opposed to a ‘stand and deliver’ style, I combine pragmatic business advice with sacred embodiment practices to create an immersive experience that fosters authentic connection. 

Based in Australia, I’m available to talk at workshops, events, conferences and seminars nationally and internationally. I also love the opportunity to contribute to podcasts and panel discussions.

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Topic one


For too long, entrepreneurs have been afraid of standing up and speaking up. Afraid to own the vulnerability it takes to have mastered one's art, whilst also still battling the imposter within that says 'nothing will ever be good enough'. Times are changing. As the world awakens to a new era in entrepreneurship, vulnerable and authentic leadership is viewed as a pathway to business growth. It's time to stop hiding, release imposter syndrome and discover the courage and confidence to own our magnificence, and access our intuitive intelligence to build businesses that solve meaningful problems in the world.

Topic two

The healing lens: A shamanic view of mental illness as a pathway to health and healing

In the shamanic world, mental illness signifies “the birth of a healer”. Shamans believe that a person suffering from a mental disorder has been chosen as a medium to share a message from the spiritual world. When we understand and embrace the spiritual realm and its many gifts, we begin our path towards healing and health. In this talk, I share how spirituality helped me heal from bipolar and borderline personality disorder, and discover my greatest potential as an entrepreneur. 

Topic three

Million-dollar EMPIRES: MILLENNIALS ARE THE generation reshaping the business world 

Millennials are changing the direction of business, as a leader and consumer. The savvy entrepreneur knows how to adapt. Succeeding in a competitive marketplace requires a shared value empire business model that focuses on profits and purpose. The planet is being faced with a renaissance of human consciousness, and this "economic reset" upon us, holds the greatest opportunity of our time for entrepreneurs to shape a better world. Let me show you how. Through case studies, I share how to bridge spirituality and entrepreneurship using purpose-led business models, story-based marketing and strategic partnerships to attract more clients and ignite a global movement. 

Topic four

The sacred seasons: Working in harmony with nature to unlock business growth 

A women’s cycle is governed by hormonal changes that affect our emotional and physical state. When we learn to align our business strategy to our inner seasons, we start working in harmony with nature, rather than against it. This enables us to access our higher intuition while honouring our body’s needs – planning during the follicular phase, go-getting during the ovulatory phase, organising during the luteal phase, and resting during menstrual phase. This is the key to a woman avoiding amplifying her creativity, increasing her feminine radiance, and learning to enjoy the process of building an empire whilst avoiding burn out by focusing only on results.

Topic five

Precession and purpose: Our true life purpose happens in the 90 degrees

As humans we have an innate desire to do meaningful work. Like a bee in search of nectar, when we pursue our goals we’re able to pollinate the world and make it a better place. This is Marshall’s Thurber’s rule of precession – the idea that the Universe’s teachings happen 90 degrees to our periphery, when we’re in motion and moving towards the things that matter to us. In this enlightening talk, I inspire entrepreneurs to keep striving towards their business aspirations while taking time to reflect and be aware of precession. The Universe is working in miraculous ways. 

“Samantha J is an incredible embodiment of the teachings of the divine feminine fused with her own intuitive wisdom. Her gift to hold space for those in need of healing, and dispense wisdom that is both practical and profound is undoubtedly her unique medicine for the world”.

Megan Chalides

Inspire your audience to reclaim their power, and unleash their ability to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Start the conversations that will create a more open-minded, connected and healthier world. I’d love to work with you to create an enlightening experience for your audience. 

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