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My talks shift long-held perceptions on business, social impact, life, relationships, health and the pursuit of happiness. 

By creating sacred spaces for people to think, question and innovate, we plant seeds that give rise to the world we desire. 

I create a soulful experience so your audience can look inwards and find the answers to the questions they’re grappling with. I aim to connect on a deep, human level to inspire and ignite change. 

My style is unashamedly philosophical. I openly share the experiences that have shaped me as an entrepreneur who has turned my own struggles as opportunities to grow and contribute to the world around me. As opposed to a ‘stand and deliver’ style, I combine pragmatic business advice with sacred embodiment practices to create an immersive experience that fosters authentic connection, and lasting memories with the audience.

Based in Australia, I’m available to talk locally and international at workshops, masterminds, summits, events, conferences, universities, advisory councils, schools and seminars. I also love the opportunity to contribute to podcasts and panel discussions. Each presentation is tailored to your audience and your goals from the experience.

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Topic one


Inspired by Samantha J. best-selling book Build Your Empire From The Inside Out. Discover how to re-wire limiting beliefs, and align to the highest potential of your future identity, to achieve your most ambitious business and life goals. This talk will help you to create a meaningful vision, aligned to your values. Identify how a luxury business model, can help you to scale your business with a luxury business model, which are designed to improve every area of your life as you scale.

Topic two


Stop hiding and playing small, and identify where imposter syndrome may be causing you to under-sell the years of experience you are sitting upon. Discover how a luxury personal brand will help you to stand out and charge at a luxury rate, to reflect the high calibre of experience and quality of your expertise. This is a mixture of practical luxury personal branding strategies, and sacred sexuality and shamanic tools to help you to feel more confident in standing for who you are, what you do and articulating what makes you unique and different so you can get paid a luxury $25k-$100k+ for what you do! 

Topic three


Discover the principles behind Samantha J. shifting sexual abuse, into a multi 8+ figure award-winning entrepreneur career. Samantha J. provides one of a kind insights, that help to illuminate the purpose in our problems, and how to turn our personal story into a movement, that attracts opportunities and ready to buy clients with ease.

Her teachings within this topic are underpinned by some of the greatest minds in history from The Godfather of Personal Development Marshall Thurber, medicine men and women and principles that have underpinned humanitarian leaders. This talk won't leave a dry eye in the room, and truly help you to uncover the deeper meaning behind experiences you have been through to empower you to create a purposeful and profitable cause around your business that will increase your impact and sense of meaning from your business.

Topic four

multi 8+ figure feminine leadership secrets

This talk is an anti-dote to highly successful, strong and independent women who have ever created success, at the expense of their health, love or family life.

Samantha J. guides the audience through an immersive experience to identify their masculine and feminine energies, and deepen their understanding of what's missing in their life. From how to embrace menstruation for higher levels of creativity, confidence and self love, to how to avoid burn out and unhappiness when balancing a career and other areas of a woman's life.

Samantha J. also provides teachings on how women can access higher intuition while honouring their body’s needs with their menstruation in their leadership – by planning during the follicular phase, go-getting during the ovulatory phase, organising during the luteal phase, and resting during menstrual phase. This is the key to a woman avoiding amplifying her creativity, increasing her feminine radiance, and learning to enjoy the process of building an empire with higher levels of emotional intelligence, and harnessing their sacred sexuality for creativity.

Topic five

illuminator: how purposeful and profitable entrepreneurship will disrupt and re-shape the future of everything

In this captivating experience, Samantha J. takes you on a transformative ride, revealing the most efficient and effective strategies to elevate your coaching business to extraordinary heights. With a focus on a luxury business model, you'll learn how to manifest your ideal lifestyle while making a profound societal impact.

Samantha J.'s innovative approach to entrepreneurship will empower you to tackle the world's most pressing challenges head-on, from poverty eradication to providing access to clean drinking water, combating child sex trafficking, and addressing climate change.

Drawing from her own remarkable career as an award-winning entrepreneur, Samantha J. weaves together spiritual insights, cutting-edge luxury business strategies, and powerful self-expression techniques.

With over 10 years of learning from medicine men and women across the globe, she brings you wisdom that transcends conventional entrepreneurship. Inspired by brilliant minds like Marshall Thurber, renowned for his success stories with icons such as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" fame. "Illuminator" speaking experience is your ticket to a life of purpose, profitability, and profound transformation. Buckle up and embark on this extraordinary journey today!

“Samantha J is an incredible embodiment of the teachings of the divine feminine fused with her own intuitive wisdom. Her gift to hold space for those in need of healing, and dispense wisdom that is both practical and profound is undoubtedly her unique medicine for the world”.

Megan Chalides

Inspire your audience to reclaim their power, and unleash their ability to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Start the conversations that will create a more open-minded, connected and healthier world. I’d love to work with you to create an enlightening experience for your audience. 

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