The Business Empress Podcast 

With Samantha J. 

Business advice and spiritual insights for soulful 6, 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs

How do I scale my business with confidence and ease?

How do I set boundaries to avoid frustration and burn out?

How do I build an empire that looks and feels 100 percent me? 

How do I banish imposter syndrome and reclaim my power? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, this is the business podcast for you. The Business Empress podcast is an exploration of what it means to be a purpose-led entrepreneur. 

Each week, I’ll share business strategies, branding tips, psychology insights and sacred practices to help you make more money doing what you love. Candid interviews with thought leaders across business and spirituality will help you reinvent your business and your experience of life. 

Learn how to embrace your personal power, work in harmony with nature and build a business empire that has a meaningful impact on the world. 

Latest Episodes

Sacred Sexuality and Fem-pire Building

In another epsiode of The Business Empress Podcast, we are joined by Nadine Lee. Nadine is the Founder of Tantric Alchemy, a Teacher of the Feminine Tantric Arts, an Avant-Garde of Embodied Feminine Leadership, and a Devoted Lover & Sexual Liberator. At the core of her work, she is here to help people to expand on every possible level, helping people to ignite their erotic fire and guide them into the channel of their potent creative force with their highest expression. Here, we are so absolutely passionate about helping people to realize their ultimate potential through their authenticity and through their embodied self-expression.

Listen Here
How to Scale a Successful 7-Figure Business With Feminine Leadership

In another episode of The Business Empress Podcast, we are joined by Elisa Canali. Elisa is the creator of a completely new model of business coaching and powerful feminine leadership that blends intuition and strategy, human design and gene keys, potent healing and embodiment work.

Listen Here

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