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The Empire VIP Day is a luxurious experience to be able to truly take your empire into a whole new level if you are a start up, growing or scaling business owner, corporate leader and board, or mature aged business wishing to reinvent themselves! 

Samantha J. moves at unapologetically lightening speed, this is what has supported her to take companies from 6 to 8 figures in just a few short years. This day will help you move at lightening speed!

The Empire VIP Day is the perfect place for you to get undivided attention from Samantha J. to get all the answers, insights, and clarity in the absolute fastest time possible. You will leave the day with everything you need to grow your income, impact and influence the next years.

Over the day you can have support on - literally anything! 

Mostly, the key themes often are: 
- Your humanitarian purposeful and profitable revenue model to achieve your goals
- Your luxury brand & how to capture your unique energetic signature into your brand identity
- Your premium high end offers & how to underpin them with a solid method to sell them at 5x with integrity
- Your 6 star client journey to boost sales and marketing
- Your visibility strategy to be able to become more of the go to person or monetise your message more
.. and much more! 

This experience can be provided in a half day or full day format. Available to have in person at Samantha J. rainforest home in tropical Queensland or via zoom.

The guarantee is that you will get your investment back within 30 days, otherwise get telegram access to Samantha J. until you do.

Limited spaces available per month. Finance and payment plans are also available.

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“For over 5 years I have been searching for a mentor to help me but everyone was stuck in practical stuff, which I really know (after been in business for 30 years) but I never felt seen, validated and understood and energised. I felt like my dream and the business were separate. What changed was that Samantha cracked me open, she helped me to strip away the layers that I had built around myself that were not serving me, to get to the heart of the matter. She helped me find myself again and build my dream from that place and it is so powerful. I am do motivated. What sets Samantha J. apart is that she is who she says she is. She builds your empire from the inside out, she helps you navigate yourself to find your true value. She acknowledges all the struggles and fears that you go through and then boom! Your dream emerges, you emerge as so more powerful and courageous. She is the real deal.”

Sandi Hager

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