The world's most sought after Spiritual Business Strategist. working with the leading female CEO's and Icons of our time to build 7 & 8 Figure + empires.


There comes a time as a 6, 7 or 8 figure CEO where we desire the proximity to another powerful female leader, who can help us to live a life beyond limits..

A business strategist, where no topics are off limits, where we can walk life and business alongside one another.

A go to person, who has walked the path ahead of us, and will support us to rise beyond the greatest vision we have been even holding for ourselves.

Someone whom is in our corner, who will hold a higher standard for us, then we can hold for ourselves..

Someone whom we can share our deepest vulnerabilities with, and have the conversations about the limiting beliefs, or decisions we need to make, to back ourselves and Scale us as the Entrepreneur, as the personal brand, the face of our company as it grows and scales it's impact..

It can sometimes feeling challenging to know where to look, or whom you can trust, to hold that space for you..

And so I always start all enquiries for my work with a 15 minute luxury business and branding audit.

I genuinely only work with a select few entrepreneurs per year, and have a waiting list to work with me.

So I want to be sure to know about you, your vision, what impact you are creating..

And see if it's a genuine fit or not for us to be working together.

I'm so excited to get to know more about you and the biggest vision you are holding for your life...

I have a feeling it might just be about to become, better than you ever imagined..

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“For over 5 years I have been searching for a mentor to help me but everyone was stuck in practical stuff, which I really know (after been in business for 30 years) but I never felt seen, validated and understood and energised. I felt like my dream and the business were separate. What changed was that Samantha cracked me open, she helped me to strip away the layers that I had built around myself that were not serving me, to get to the heart of the matter. She helped me find myself again and build my dream from that place and it is so powerful. I am do motivated. What sets Samantha J. apart is that she is who she says she is. She builds your empire from the inside out, she helps you navigate yourself to find your true value. She acknowledges all the struggles and fears that you go through and then boom! Your dream emerges, you emerge as so more powerful and courageous. She is the real deal.”

Sandi Hager

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