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The Illuminator. Multi 8+ Figure Award-winning Entrepreneur. Luxury Business Strategist. Medicine Woman. 5 X Bestselling Author. Soulful Speaker.

this is the story of how i turned sexual abuse, into a multi 8+ figure award winning entrepreneur career, and became "the illuminator"

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My story

Chapter One

Chapter One: Sexual abuse childhood

As a little girl, my childhood memories are both a mixture of laughter, joy and fun family holidays, and an eery feeling of darkness that always lingered with me.

I grew up on my family's farm in Wagga Wagga NSW Australia. I recall this eery dark feeling overwhelming me at times, and bringing me in a depression of sorts, that I couldn't understand and would cause me to feel like I didn't belong, become emotional and feel overwhelmed in the world.

I would think:

Why can’t I be more like everyone else?

Why can’t I feel less, question less, think less, want less?

Just…be normal? 

I felt like an adult in a child's body, who enjoyed more having deep philosophical conversations with the adults and couldn't wait to "grow up" and create a big impact, that deep down, she always knew she was here to create.

Chapter Two: Struggling to fit in

In the school room in primary school, I felt like "it was safe to be me", my intelligence was celebrated.

By the time I was in high school, I was struggling to fit in when I soon saw being smart and intelligent wasn't so cool, and being beautiful got me bullied by other women who were jealous.

I soon developed high levels of school yard anxiety, and did whatever I could to put on masks, to find a sense of belonging with drugs, sex and alcohol.

In a desperate bid to give me a fresh start, my parents invited me to attend boarding school - it was my saving grace.

I got within the top 6% of Australia in my HSC. Embracing my intelligence as a gift in a private school where it was celebrated, help me feel more safer to be myself.

In the coming years though, I was about to experience my darkest years...

Chapter two

Chapter Three: The unfulfilled entrepreneur

After a week of minimal sleep and drugs at schoolies, I crashed after the HSC, and began to question everything. Whether I was to go to university and study psychology or economics, or continue my path as an entrepreneur, given I had started my first clothing and accessories start up at 13 years.

At 19 my dad threw me a phone book, and he told me to take on the family's property development company. In a few short years I'd turned it into a multi 8 figure empire, by elevating it into a luxury brand, becoming a key person of influence, and with a purposeful and profitable story - which was to create a property development that focused on giving people a sense of belonging.

By the time I was 21, I had built my first investment properties, become the youngest Vice President of the Wagga Wagga Business Chamber, and won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. 

But when the lights dimmed and the work day ended, that familiar darkness since my earliest memories, still eered over me.. and I felt like "something was missing" with what I had created.

Chapter Three

Chapter Four: From realisation to reawakening

I spiralled quickly into a suicidal mess. Getting to the point where I said, if I don't get a sign from Spirit, of the bigger impact I am here to make, that I thought I was on track for, then I am going to end my life..

In the coming week, I went and had coffee with my business coach, and he said that a "shaman" that he had been working with, mentioned I needed his help. I sat there bedazelled, could this be the sign I was searching for?

I called the Shaman, and he somehow knew everything I was going through, in the coming years, I began to meet that darkness within me, and come to peace with it, including the sexual abuse experience through various mentors.

When I first remembered the sexual abuse experience, that had occurred as a small child, suddenly the darkness I had felt all my life made sense. I didn't feel like there was something wrong with me, and I forgave myself and them.

A new vision emerged.. I saw myself on stages with thousands of people in front of me, and me sharing my personal story and supporting others to heal and illuminate their greatest potential.

I chose to leave my career behind, and follow this new "call of Spirit" to follow my heart, and learn what I needed to do, so I could actualise this vision...

I travelled to over 20+ countries learning from the leading authorities in neuro-science, shamanism, sacred sexuality, and leadership, refining my gifts as a medicine woman.

By acknowledging the sexual abuse as a child, I stopped abusing myself through sex, drugs and addictions, because I learned I don't deserve to be abused, I can be loved for who I am.

I began nourishing my body with organic food and nourishing my mind with daily meditation and healing rituals. My body became a sacred temple to be revered and my mind became the source of the unique gifts I wanted to share with the world. 

I learned to embrace both my past with compassion and forgiveness, and reclaim my power to decide what I wanted my life to look like from here as an expression of my true self.

Chapter Four

Chapter Five: The creation of a soulful empire

I began to actualise this vision for a soulful global empire, becoming a 5 x best selling author, speaking on various stages, and exposing my movement.

In 2018 I created my own unique method that I have refined with over 2000+ people, and now call ILLUMINATOR - that merges spirituality, self expression and luxury business strategy - to help established experts to scale their business with a luxury personal brand to get back the time and freedom for their love and family life, and be genuinely fulfilled.

I often work with clients who stand for a purpose beyond profits, who are here for a lifetime of growth and evolution, who value building a personal brand upon their most authentic realised self expression, and want to truly "have it all" - by scaling a business that doesn't come at the expense of their life.

Chapter Five

Chapter Six: The creation of a global movement: Illuminator

My vision is to ignite a global movement of entrepreneurs who share a common goal of shaping a better world using entrepreneurship as the vehicle. A world free from trauma, poverty, loneliness, sexual abuse and poor mental health. A world where we celebrate one another to evolve into our highest potential as a human being, making the world a better place along the way with our movement.

Illuminator Society is now the main way clients work with me, where I share all my tools over my 16+ year career, from luxury personal branding, aligning people to their new identity, sacred sexuality, shamanism, and much more.

This is the place they come to build the empire they always had imagined, to scale with a luxury brand, and get back the time and freedom for their love and family life along the way.

By 2030 and beyond, together we are working to help 100 million entrepreneurs to elevate their movement with a luxury brand, so we can rescue 100 million little girls caught in sex trafficking and give them a fresh start with education, just like I was given with my family, which was my saving grace, to be the woman I am today. I know without that - I wouldn't be alive today.

I desire to do what I can, to help create this opportunity for as many children as possible. I hope you will join me and be part of this movement! 

Chapter six

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I love getting to know big-hearted established experts, with a big vision to help them to elevate their business into a luxury business model, to to get back more time and freedom for their love and family life - let's explore what's possible together on a call! 

about me

Samantha J. aka The Illuminator".

A 5X Best-Selling Author, Multi 8 Figure+ Award Winning Entrepreneur, Speaker and Investor.

Samantha is renowned for her ability to provide unconventional business strategy that helps to illuminate the greatest potential in the leadership, empire and life of the icons of our future.

Samantha is the only business strategist in the world advising 7-8+ figure personal brands how to scale their empire with a luxury business model, that improves every area of their life.

Samantha J’s proven strategies have helped increase her client’s business value by over $100M.

She helps her clients rebrand their business into a luxury business model, with an irresistible luxury offer and stand out luxury brand, that gets them back their time and freedom, to prioritise their love and family life! Her one of a kind unique methodology Illuminator merges spirituality, strategy and self expression, and has taken her 16+ years experience to refine.

From her first start up at 13 years old, to becoming an award winning multi 8 figure CEO at 22 years old, and mental health ambassador making weekly appearances in the media, Samantha J. Has always been passionate about illuminating the greatest potentials for those around her.

After feeling like something was missing, she then went on to travel the world to refine her medicine woman gifts and study with the leading authorities in conscious relationships, sacred sexuality, humanitarian leadership, shamanism, and neuro-science to create her own unique methodology merging business strategy, spirituality and self expression.

She has since helped over 2000+ entrepreneurs in online training in person retreats and workshops across USA, Europe, Australia, Asia and South Africa. Samantha J. has since been named as one of the Top 20 Entrepreneurs on the Rise by Fox in 2021, and one of the Top 7 Women Paving the Way of Success in 2022 by Disrupt Magazine, for her efforts.

Samantha J. Vision is to help 100+ million leaders to use their influence to unify the world, with purposeful and profitable businesses. She is leading the way by setting the target to bring 100 million children from child sex trafficking closer to home and educate girls rescued from sex trafficking so they can start a new chapter and be financially independent - and she needs your help to do it.

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“Samantha is an incredibly authentic and open hearted soul. She fully embodies what she teaches and working with her has deepened my connection to my body and my innate wellspring of wisdom. Not only is she gentle, always following the intuition that speaks from within her, but also someone with a clear burning passion and drive for what she does. I am deeply honoured to have met such an incredible teacher on my journey and I look forward to many more years of working with her.”

Jasmine Taylor Rose


You can be the best in the world at what you do, and without a luxury business model, feel like something is missing.

You don't have to grow your business at the expense of your life - any longer! 

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