7 Figure Empire Building Mindset

If you’re a purpose led entrepreneur, coach, consultant or business owner out there, who is on your way to building your 7 figure purposeful and profitable empire, then this episode will teach you how to shift your mindset for 7 figures and beyond! The thinking that led you to here, won’t be what leads you to where you are going next. 

In this episode Samantha J delves deep into the different insights on how to build your dream empire from the inside out, using her revolutionary Illuminator Methodology that merges spirituality, strategy and self expression. Starting with mindset! 

Learn how to grow to 7 figures and beyond in this in-depth discussion, as Samantha  unravels powerful tips and unconventional ideas to take your business to the next level. Learn the proven strategies that successful entrepreneurs have used to propel their businesses. We tackled: 

  • Time poverty and how you can get yourself unstuck
  • Why you don’t need to sacrifice everything to succeed
  • How to purpose can ignite your passion
  • Overestimate and Underestimate - the trick with timeframes
  • How to achieve your high ticket luxury clients by creating scarcity
  • The importance of your environment in your quest for success
  • Going ALL IN!
  • The role of leadership and risk taking
  • Why you need to build a strong team
  • The 1 Percent Better Mindset
  • And more…


0:00:04 A World of Purpose and Profit

0:00:34 The Power of Spontaneity for 7 Figure Mindsets

0:04:04 Identifying Factors that Keep Us Stuck in Time Poverty

0:07:01 Rejecting the Notion of Sacrificing Everything for Success

0:10:39 Finding Purpose and Igniting Passion

0:17:16 Creating Scarcity with High-Ticket Luxury Clients

0:19:20 Creating a Supportive Environment for Success

0:23:00 Going All In and Making Decisions for Success

0:28:19 Resilience and Risk Aversion

0:31:23 Leadership: Going First and Taking Risks

0:35:00 Trusting the Process and Making Necessary Investments

0:37:19 Meeting God halfway and deciding to go all in

0:40:35 Connecting into the Feeling of Missing Someone

0:43:27 The Importance of Having a Strong Team for Success

0:44:39 Building Self-Worth and Overcoming Childhood Trauma

0:49:22 Building Strength and Self-Belief through Circumstances

0:52:42 Creating a Clear Vision and Identifying Archetypal Identities

0:59:49 Embracing the 1% Better Mindset

1:03:06 Setting the Tone for the Day and Embracing Mistakes


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Samantha J is an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author and soulful speaker – a business empress who merges spirituality and entrepreneurship to help women and men make a meaningful impact on the world. 

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