Creating Your Dream Life, Business, and Relationship by Being Bold and Authentic

with Krista Tier

Being bold and authentic is the best way to achieve success in everything you do. If you're not being yourself, no one will ever get to know who you are or what makes you tick. And that's scary for a lot of people—but it's also the best way forward.

Many of us have been conditioned to not press too many buttons, to push the edges, don’t take risks, don’t break the rules. To be a successful entrepreneur, we need to be ok with daring to do things differently, being bold, pushing the edges and breaking the roles. This is the true role of someone led by TRUTH! 

If we don't dare to be bold—then we'll never find out! And what happens when we don't dare anything? We end up settling for something less than what we want.

In another episode of The Business Empress Podcast, we are joined by Krista Tier. She supports business owners to create abundance and soul-driven businesses. By activating magnificence and curating the life they truly desire. Her vast life experience and ability to unlock potential within allows her to walk you into awakening your true mission and purpose. Krista truly believes that you can absolutely have the life that you dream of.

Tune in to this episode now and start creating the life of your dreams!


(05:35) Unapologetically owning the full expression of your womanhood

(08:00) How did Krista prepare to call in this family and relationship as a strong, powerful woman? 

(10:27) What is Krista’s biggest legacy that she’s sending for change in this world?

(13:48) The Process of Balancing Softness with the Power to Be Approachable

(17:07)  As a conscious entrepreneur, what is Krista’s message that she wants to own to the world? 

(25:08)  Krista’s Best Tips: Building a Brand and Social Media Following Based on Authenticity

(26:30) Differentiating between the mask and the authentic self

(28:33) The Fear of Speaking the Truth

(31:50) Krista’s message for mompreneurs who have massive dreams

(32:50) Five Power Questions

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