The Illuminator: A New Blueprint for Humanitarian Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur who is led by Spirit to solve meaningful problems that exist in the world and desires to use their leadership or entrepreneurial spirit to be what creates that change in the world.

For me, I have learned over the years that there is a massive split in the world. There are those who are driven by only purpose, and then there are those who are driven by purpose only. There are very few people and organizations that are led by both purpose and profit. The Illuminator is an entrepreneur who has a vision for the world, where they personally realize their highest potential, their clients realize theirs, and that through the profits of their business, the world at large becomes a better place because of how they profit share with the causes that are closest to their hearts.

An illuminator, aka humanitarian entrepreneur, is an individual who combines the principles of entrepreneurship with a strong commitment to making a positive social impact. They aim to address societal challenges and promote sustainable development through innovative business models.

Here are some key qualities that often characterize successful humanitarian entrepreneurs:

  1. Social consciousness: Humanitarian entrepreneurs have a deep understanding of social issues and a strong desire to create positive change in the world. They are driven by a genuine concern for the well-being of others and strive to address pressing societal problems.
  2. Vision and Innovation: These entrepreneurs possess a visionary mindset and are adept at identifying innovative solutions to complex social challenges. They think outside the box and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Their entrepreneurial spirit enables them to create new and sustainable approaches to tackling social issues.
  3. Empathy and Compassion: Humanitarian entrepreneurs demonstrate empathy and compassion towards the communities they aim to serve. They actively listen to the needs and concerns of individuals and work towards creating solutions that improve their lives. This empathy helps them understand the root causes of social issues and develop effective strategies to address them.
  4. Collaborative Approach: Successful humanitarian entrepreneurs understand the power of collaboration and partnerships. They actively seek out alliances with other organizations, social enterprises, governments, and communities to maximize their impact. They value diverse perspectives and work together with stakeholders to co-create solutions that have lasting and meaningful effects.
  5. Resilience and Perseverance Perseverance: Humanitarian entrepreneurship often involves navigating challenging and unpredictable circumstances. These entrepreneurs possess the resilience and perseverance to overcome obstacles and setbacks. They understand that creating social change takes time and effort, and they stay committed to their mission even in the face of adversity.
  6. Ethical and transparent practices: Humanitarian entrepreneurs operate with high ethical standards and prioritize transparency in their business practices. They are committed to ensuring that their operations align with their social mission and that the resources they mobilize are used effectively and responsibly.
  7. Impact measurement and evaluation: Effective humanitarian entrepreneurs are dedicated to measuring and evaluating the impact of their initiatives. They employ rigorous monitoring and evaluation processes to assess the effectiveness of their interventions and make data-informed decisions. This allows them to continuously learn and improve their approaches.
  8. Adaptability and agility: Given the dynamic nature of social challenges, humanitarian entrepreneurs must be adaptable and agile in their approach. They embrace change and are willing to modify their strategies based on feedback and new information. This flexibility enables them to respond effectively to emerging needs and evolving contexts.
  9. Financial sustainability: Humanitarian entrepreneurs understand the importance of financial sustainability to ensure the long-term viability of their social ventures. They employ business models that generate revenue while also creating social impact. They explore innovative financing mechanisms, such as impact investing and social enterprise models, to balance financial sustainability with their social mission.
  10. Passion and commitment: Above all, humanitarian entrepreneurs are driven by a deep passion for their cause and are committed to making a difference. They possess a strong sense of purpose and are dedicated to building a better and more equitable world through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

So, why don’t we have more businesses coming from this place right now?

While there is an increasing interest in social entrepreneurship and humanitarian initiatives, several challenges still hinder the growth and prevalence of humanitarian entrepreneurs. I have yet to see a place in the world that truly incorporates everything that I have learned through my award-winning entrepreneurial career to be a successful humanitarian entrepreneur. It goes beyond just a dream, a desire, or a simple business strategy.

So here are five key challenges that currently limit the emergence of more humanitarian entrepreneurs:

  1. Limited access to capital: Access to financial resources is often cited as a significant challenge for aspiring humanitarian entrepreneurs. Traditional funding mechanisms may be more inclined towards profit-driven ventures, making it difficult for socially-led companies to secure the necessary capital.umanitarian entrepreneurs often struggle to find investors or obtain loans if they don’t have enough profitability at the beginning of their business.
  2. Lack of supportive ecosystems: Entrepreneurial ecosystems, including incubators, mentorship programs, and networks, play a crucial role in nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs. However, in many regions, there is a dearth of comprehensive ecosystems specifically tailored to the needs of humanitarian entrepreneurs. Limited access to mentorship, training, and networking opportunities can hamper the growth and success of aspiring social entrepreneurs, and a lack of these places that truly align with their values and way of desiring to do business
  3. Complex regulatory environment: The regulatory environment can pose significant challenges for humanitarian entrepreneurs. Navigating legal frameworks, obtaining licenses, and complying with regulations can be daunting and time-consuming. Ambiguity and inconsistency in regulations, particularly in the social impact space, can create barriers for new ventures and hinder their ability to scale and operate effectively. If they desire to create a non-profit, it can be a long process with lots of admin and complicated processes they need to navigate.
  4. Risk aversion and perception: Humanitarian entrepreneurship often involves addressing long-standing social challenges and tackling systemic issues. However, risk aversion among investors and a focus on short-term returns can make it challenging for social ventures to attract support. Additionally, the perception that social impact and financial sustainability are mutually exclusive can deter potential entrepreneurs from entering the space.
  5. Limited awareness and recognition: While the concept of humanitarian entrepreneurship has gained traction, there is still limited awareness and recognition of the potential and importance of humanitarian entrepreneurship. Many aspiring entrepreneurs may not be aware of the opportunities and resources available to them or may not fully understand the potential for creating sustainable social impact through entrepreneurial approaches. Raising awareness and promoting the value of humanitarian entrepreneurship can help inspire and encourage more individuals to pursue this path.

Story time: How loss taught me to live life to the fullest

In the tapestry of our existence, we are given a finite number of years. Within that precious time, we harbor dreams, passions, and aspirations that ignite our very souls. It is a question that lingers in the depths of our being: What if we fully devoted ourselves to living life to its utmost potential? For me, this question holds immeasurable weight, for I have witnessed the transformative power of loss.

In a time shrouded in sorrow and despair, a relentless illness swept through our community, snatching away loved ones in the blink of an eye. As a young girl, I stood helpless, witnessing the unimaginable as ten of those dearest to me were taken, leaving behind an irreparable void. Grief washed over me like a torrential wave, and in its wake came an ocean of regrets.

Words left unsaid, gestures of love left undone—my heart ached with the weight of missed opportunities. I longed for a chance to express the depths of my love and to prioritize meaningful connections over the trivial pursuits that once consumed my days. It was within this crucible of loss that a fierce determination took root, birthing a resolute promise within me.

Loss became my profound teacher, imparting the wisdom of unconditional love. From that pivotal moment forward, I resolved never to let a day end with unresolved conflicts and to eschew the lure of petty disagreements. Instead, I embraced vulnerability and fearlessly shared my love and appreciation with those who hold my heart. Each passing day became an exquisite gift, treasured with an urgency reminiscent of one's last breath.

My existence transformed into a symphony of joy and authenticity. I yearned for a life brimming with genuine connections, surrounded by the souls I cherished most. I shed my inhibitions, made audacious choices, and propelled myself into the boundless expanse of possibility. Time, that most precious of commodities, would no longer be squandered.

The cornerstone of my journey became the deliberate prioritization of time and freedom with loved ones. I recognized the profound significance of expressing care, extending forgiveness, and offering second chances. In the face of imperfections, both mine and others', I embraced compassion and empathy, understanding that we are all beautifully flawed. Fear no longer held sway over my heart, for I knew that true fulfillment lay in embracing love with abandon.

Driven by the lessons bestowed upon me by loss, I embarked on a mission to build an empire aligned with my deepest values. In the past three years, this pursuit has flourished, serving as a testament to the potency of prioritizing love and family. I would no longer allow the richness they bring to be overshadowed. Time and freedom became my currency, unlocking limitless possibilities to revel in the boundless love and joy that life offers.

Through the crucible of loss, I discovered the essence of what truly matters. It is the people we hold dear, the memories we create, and the unwavering pursuit of joy and fulfillment that define our existence. Today, I stand as a living testament to the transformative power of embracing love as our guiding force. Let us seize each day, for it is an opportunity to weave a tapestry of love and to savor the extraordinary moments that make life worth living.

Reflection Questionsquestions:

  1. When you take yourself to your "death bed" at the end of your life, what vision do you hold personally, for your movement, and for the world at large that you desire to realize and that would bring you the greatest joy and fulfillment?
  2. What core values will guide your company moving forward?
  3. How will your company demonstrate corporate social responsibility?
  4. In what ways will you balance purpose and profits within your company?
  5. How will you inspire and engage your employees in achieving their personal visions during this time?
  6. How can you use social media to spark discussions, raise awareness, and advocate for the future you want to see?
  7. What inner work do you need to do to become the kind of leader you aspire to be, including aligning your identity and integrating shadow work?
  8. At the end of your life, what kind of world have you created for yourself, your family, your business, and your network through your influence?

These reflection questions serve as a guide for deep introspection and strategic planning. They help you clarify your purpose, values, and aspirations while considering the broader impact you want to make in the world. Take time to ponder these questions and craft thoughtful responses that align with your personal and professional goals.

This is an excerpt of the best-selling book by Samantha J. called "Illuminator; click here for the full copy:

About Samantha j.

Samantha J. is the sought after “Illuminator” - the world’s only luxury business strategist and medicine woman, that merges spirituality, strategy and self expression to help coaches and personal brands to scale to 7-8 figures and become fulfilled in all areas of their life along the way! Samantha is also a multi 8 figure award winning entrepreneur, 6 x best-selling author and soulful speaker.

Her unconventional approach, helps coaches stand out with a luxury brand, and social impact focus, to build an empire that merges purpose and profit, unifying the world by solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges such as poverty, climate change and eradicating sex trafficking. Samantha has been named as one of the Top 20 Entrepreneurs on the Rise by Fox in 2021, and one of the Top 7 Women Paving the Way of Success in 2022 by Disrupt Magazine, for her efforts, with a vision to help 100 million purposeful and profitable empires in her lifetime through her business school Humanitarian B-School and her luxury business agency, Illuminator.

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