With Samantha J. 

Discover the secrets for how to grow a purposeful and profitable empire, that deeply fulfils you in all areas of life!

How do I scale my business, not at the expense of what's most important to me like my love life or family?

How do I get back my time, and scale my business without burning out?

How do I build a personal brand that's an authentic reflection of who I am?

How do I banish imposter syndrome, and create a sustainable business where I get paid for the value of the results I deliver?

If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, this is the business podcast for you. The Illuminator podcast is an exploration of what it means to be a purpose-led entrepreneur. 

Each week, I’ll share business strategies, branding tips, psychology insights and sacred practices to help you increase your profit and purpose, doing what you love. Candid interviews with thought leaders across business and spirituality will help you reinvent your business and your experience of life. 

Learn how to embrace your personal power, work in harmony with your masculine-feminine energies and build a business empire that has a meaningful impact on the world. 

Latest Episodes

AI & App Development For Community Building In The Future

In this episode of the Illuminator Podcast, Samantha J interviews Zach Schleien. Zach Schleien is the CEO and Co-founder of Filteroff, a video speed dating and matchmaking company that has been recognized by The New York Times, BBC, and reached #1 on Product Hunt.

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Building Purposeful Partnerships: Insights from the Breen Power-Couple

In this episode of the Illuminator Podcast, host Samantha J interviews power-couple Justin and Sarah Breen, founders of the Brepic Network. The couple discuss their unique business and personal relationship, their roles as visionary and integrator, and how the blend of their individual strengths has helped grow their income and impact in the world.

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