Unlocking Your Potential: From Aspergers to 7 Figure Entrepreneur

In this episode of The Illuminator Podcast, Samantha J is joined by Lewis Huckstep,  a beacon of self-transformation and personal growth. Starting out as an anxious young man diagnosed with Asperger's, his perseverance led him to be a professional athlete at a very young age. He later ventured into the fitness industry and, by 22, owned three franchises as a 7 figure business owner. However, realising that this success didn't align with his values and visions, he bravely pared down his business. Today, Lewis's primary focus is coaching in mindset and leadership, helping business owners build fulfilling relationships and scale their operations. His perspective on spirituality and authenticity are revealed on his podcast, The Lewis Huckstep Experience.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Realise how calibration of personal values in relationships can catalyse success and satisfaction.
  • Master the art of beginning conversations about primary values in a relationship with a view to preventing potential clashes down the line.
  • Submerge in the exciting world of personal development and self-discovery towards building a meaningful life.
  • Appreciate the impact of mentors and inspirational role models in driving personal growth and entrepreneurial mindsets.
  • Grasp the prominence of self-awareness and clear vision in setting pragmatic goals and crafting an efficient action plan.


00:04 - Introduction
02:05 - Morning Spiritual Practice
04:30 - Finding Fulfilment
07:23 - Letting Go of Ego
08:23 - Values and Transformation
12:54 - The Influence of Parents on Self-Perception
13:39 - Finding Self-Love and Fulfilment
16:13 - The Impact of Unconditional Love
19:43 - Flipping Problems into Purpose
25:29 - Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Self-Doubt
26:39 - Impostor Syndrome and Charging Your Worth
31:33 - Balancing Ambition and Relationships
32:00 - Foundational Steps for Strong Relationships
32:28 - The Significance of Individual Values
37:14 - The Importance of Different Values in Relationships
37:41 - The Power of Aligning Values
38:06 - Using Money to Solve Meaningful Problems
38:50 - Inspirational Entrepreneurs
40:29 - Advice to Younger Self



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When you do what you love, you are lit up, you are illuminated, you are loved, you are inspired, you are energetic, you are curious. - Lewis Huckstep

By being able to understand who you most authentically are and living in alignment with that, that's when you eliminate the most. So it shines brightest when you let it shine freely and you're removing those. - Lewis Huckstep

Find direction and purpose in your life, and then find a way to express it in the materialistic world that we live in. Whether it's through your career or just a passion project, when you have energy and passion behind it, you can make a difference. - Lewis Huckstep

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