How to Scale a Successful 7-Figure Business With Feminine Leadership

with Elisa Canali

We have been sold a culture of hustle in entrepreneurship - what if leading with your feminine and pleasure, was the gateway to greater abundance?

Imagine if you could make more money and impact by aligning with your authentic human design, so you didn’t have to compromise who you are, and understood how to tap into wealth energetics to create more of the life you desire. 

Today, we are joined by Elisa Canali. Elisa is the creator of a completely new model of business coaching and powerful feminine leadership that blends intuition and strategy, human design and gene keys, potent healing and embodiment work.

Elisa discusses the importance of consuming things for pleasure and how this can be applied to business. She also talks about the future of entrepreneurship and coaching women. She believes that businesses that focus on the client at the center of the business will thrive in the future. Finally, she shares some words of wisdom with Empresses and Emperors who are looking to scale their businesses without compromising their identity or values.

Unlock your unlimited potential and come home to who you really are by tuning in to this episode!


(02:17) How did Elisa start getting into making a lot of money attuned to who she really is?

(04:41) What is wealth energetics?

(07:05) Scaling to 7 Figures: Wealth energetics changes you need to make 

(09:48) How to start tapping into the creative entity of your business

(14:17) Tapping into creative life force in a feminine leadership way

(19:49) Balancing Masculine & Feminine Paradigm as a Business Leader

(21:37) The biggest mistake Elisa did as an Entrepreneur & what she learned from it

(23:14) The future of coaching women on building wealth

(26:28) The choice she made that helped her become the leader she is now

(27:20) Five Power Questions

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