Building Your Own Unapologetic Brand

with Cassandra Hili

If you want to be the best at what you do, then you have to be the best at being yourself.  Authenticity is what sets us apart from other brands and makes us successful.

Branding is what ultimates build trust with your audience. People buy from who they trust more, so if you want to be able to raise your pricing, attract more clients and shorten the cycle between someone becoming aware of your brand and then purchasing, branding is the ultimate key! 

In another episode of The Business Empress Podcast, we are joined by Cassandra Hili.

She founded Millennium Communications, which is a creative PR agency that supports businesses around the globe to connect the dots with an end-to-end approach that cultivates conversations, trust, and long-lasting relationships between brands and their audiences. Cassandra started her journey in PR thanks to a successful lifestyle and fitness blog she founded at seven eight, documenting her 55-kilo weight loss journey. With a devoted following of over a quarter of a million fans across YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr.

She is now a vision partner at The Entourage, where she educates businesses on how to own their brand and get in the media. She's spoken at large events such as the mind body and soul festival, Boss Lady events, New South Wales Parliament TAFE, New South Wales, and has been featured in so many amazing PR places such as Forbes, Daily Mail, Yahoo day you just to name a few. She was also placed in the top 50 business leaders by inside small business and was a finalist in the young entrepreneurs' award Sydney 2019.

What are you waiting for? Tune in to this episode now and learn how you can become unapologetic and authentic in your personal brand!


(02:07) How Cass started out with her journey + how she gained media attention

(05:29) Understanding Brand Persona and Brand Identity

(07:09) Why should you audit your brand?

(09:03) What are some of the benefits of personal brands?

(11:00) How can you build trust online or on social media?

(13:57) The Importance of Transparency

(16:29) What really builds trust between audiences?

(21:46) The Don'ts of Personal Branding

(31:20) The Future of Social Media in Branding

(35:20) What are the steps needed if you want to go into international markets?

(41:15) Five Power Questions


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