Building Purposeful Partnerships: Insights from the Breen Power-Couple

In this episode of the Illuminator Podcast, host Samantha J interviews power-couple Justin and Sarah Breen, founders of the Brepic Network. The couple discuss their unique business and personal relationship, their roles as visionary and integrator, and how the blend of their individual strengths has helped grow their income and impact in the world. Sarah, a pediatrician turned Chief Operations Officer, and Justin, the founder of the Brepic Network, talk about their entrepreneurial journey, their mindset towards success, the importance of communication and how they foster unity in their endeavours. The episode also delves into the Brepic Network, a platform where visionaries collaborate to serve humanity and the future they envision for it. 

Listen in for inspiring insights and ideas for personal and professional growth.

  • Sarah's Journey into Entrepreneurship from Paediatrician to COO
  • Sarah's Strengths and the Importance of an Integrator
  • The Power of Partnership and Strengths
  • Justin's Visionary Mindset and Sarah's Role as COO
  • The Impact of Sarah's Role in the Business
  • Entrepreneurial Fire and Confidence
  • Differentiating Business Owners and Visionaries
  • The Power of High Performers and Mindset
  • The Future of the Brepic Network
  • Final Thoughts and Power Question


0:00:04 Purpose and Profit: A New Paradigm Emerges

0:00:33 Introduction of Justin and Sarah Breen

0:02:20 Sarah's realisation and decision to join Justin's entrepreneurial journey

0:03:35 The Power of Supreme Confidence

0:05:15 Sarah's Role in Creating Revenue and Harmony

0:10:49 The Difference Between Business Owners and Visionaries

0:12:31 Communicating Roles and Setting Up Success in a Partnership

0:19:11 Connecting Visionaries to Serve Humanity

0:25:06 Growing the Network Globally with Like-Minded Individuals

0:28:26 Future Plans: Writing a Book Together

0:30:06 Entrepreneur Dreams for Children: MLB or Olympic Runner?

0:31:56 Israeli Conflict: A Priority for 5 Million Dollar Solution


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