Authentic World-Class Presenting and Speaking

with Andrew Eggelton

You know inside, you are born to be a world-class presenter and speaker. You have a message within you, that you know will positively influence the world, and raise the consciousness of the planet! 

Yet - you don’t want to be an inauthentic version of yourself on stage! Then this is the episode for you.

This episode will help you understand how to shift out of traditional speaker trainings, and feel confident on stage presenting, as your authentic self, to build deeper connections with your audience, and create a one of a kind memorable experience they will remember for life! 

Today's guest on the podcast is Andrew Eggelton who's a leading authority on authentic presenting and a visionary behind The Eggelton Presenting Method. He has a style of presenting that sets out to redefine what world-class presenting looks like. He takes people into a world where the space between the words is as potent as the words themselves, mentoring speakers to work in a place of suspended presence to take ownership of the space and not surrender it.

If you're a speaker out there and got a message that you want to share, you're gonna get a lot out of today's episode so make sure to stay tuned and do not miss out on this episode!


(01:41) How did Andrew get into teaching people how to be powerful presenters

(05:24) How do you actually arrive at that place of knowing what your authenticity truly is?

(10:53)   All About the ‘Maestro

(16:03) What are the key components of storytelling?

(21:00) What is the most amazing gift you can give to your audience?

(22:45) Speaking and Presenting for Introverts

(24:07)  Where should aspiring professional speakers start their journey?

(26:07) The importance of learning what tools to practice

(29:22)  Andrew’s speaking style + the importance of breaking the rules 

(36:55) How can you stand out from other speakers?

(38:28) Five Power Questions


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