Grow your coaching business into the Multi 6+ figure coaching business of your dreams.

This 12 month mastermind, will help you to build your ideal coaching, consulting or course creator business from the inside out, with a high ticket offer, to stop trading time for money.

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Welcome to the world's only start up incubator for 6+ figure coaches, that blends inner and outer wealth strategies for creating the business and lifestyle of your dreams! 

Incubator helps you to build a sustainable and scaleable business that's an expression of your authentic self, and the ideal lifestyle you desire to create.

No doubt, you have been charging time for money, and you want to learn how to get back your time, so you can have more time and freedom for what matters most as you are growing your business.

More consistent recurring revenue each month.

More leads and more clients.

More confidence to lead your business effectively.

Along the way you’ll:

Ditch the money stories that are preventing you from charging the value of the results you deliver and getting paid a high ticket price for them! 

Release the imposter syndrome and fear of being seen online, so you can feel confident to build an online personal brand to increase leads

Feel clear and confident with practical strategies to sell and market, that get you monthly recurring revenue in your coaching practice, and more time to focus on other area's of your life along the way

Get full time support with daily access in a facebook group, weekly hot seat mastermind, and an online educational portal to answer every question you have along the way! 

For too long, you have been charging time for money, and letting imposter syndrome downplay your genius.

It's time to stand out online, with a high ticket offer, that get's you paid for what makes you unique and different.

To scale beyond $10-30k/ months, is not just business strategy, we need to build your business from the inside out, and re-wire the beliefs that are keeping you small, and implement world class strategy alongside it! 

This is perfect for you if…

You are currently earning over $10k/ months

You are tired of investing in small programs, and various mentors and want to have full time support to create the dream coaching business you always dreamed of

You want to stop trading time for money and create a high ticket group or one on one offer that reflects your unique genius

You are not afraid to implement, and are ready to invest the hours per week between calls to do whatever it takes for this to work

You have a long term vision for your life, and know why growing your coaching is important to achieving this

You are coachable and open to feedback, and love being around a supportive community to support one another

This is not for you if…


You are wanting quick wins, and a short term solution to your business problems


You don't have a deep care and desire to deliver amazing results for your clients


You don't want to attend calls, and implement


You prefer to make excuses, blame and be in denial, rather than take self responsibility to create the life you want


You don't follow through on financial commitments, and will ghost the program if you don't see immediate results (the long game is where the change truly is).

“My income grew 300%. My exposure and confidence online went from non existent, to now posting every day, running monthly events, regular webinars, and my paid online program. I have even just hired two new designers to help me with my fully booked design business.”

Jasmine Tayla Rose


Create the high ticket offer that will get you back time & freedom, to create monthly recurring revenue, and a sustainable business that helps you live the lifestyle of your dreams!


"Before working with Samantha J my business was just a side hustle, not my main focus. I didn't have very much clarity on my niche, or soul mate client, I wasn't confident in who I was as a coach. The not enough story kept playing out. I wasn't offering high level group programs or coaching and only had a few clients here and there. After starting my work with her I got so much more clarity and consistency for showing up bold in who I am. I finally let go of my old identity as a server and have fully embodied being a leader and guide. My brand has totally up-levelled and my social media keeps reaching more and more women. It has felt so good to grow on all levels and have such a divine mentor."

Chelsey Wildfire

“Samantha J holds space allowing you to heal, release, integrate and evolve. During the Shamanic Shakti Breathwork ceremony I found part of myself that I hadn’t known was missing. I was able to clear and release past wounds and I do have more to process. My wild feminine has been awakened and I’m rediscovering her primal power. I cannot thank you enough.”

Vanessa McGrath

“Best investment of my life”

Melissa Armstrong

client case studieS

“I’m fortunate enough to now say that I’m an International Best-Selling Author….”

“These are the sort of gifts that are available from working with Samantha J”

“What Sam teaches is life-changing… I’m juiced each day to create significant impact in the world..”

“The strength of your message is you helped people to be embodied and empowered in who they are. You make people BELIEVE it, to believe it in themselves and it’s phenomenal.”

About Samantha J.

Samantha J is a multi 8 figure award-winning entrepreneur, 5x bestselling author and soulful speaker – merging spirituality and entrepreneurship to help coaches, consultants and course creators make a meaningful impact on the world. 

After leading her family's business from 6 to 8 figures by the age of 21, Samantha embarked on a journey of soulful discovery that helped her embody her divine femininity and masculinity, and step into her personal power.

While travelling to over 25 countries, Samantha refined her gift as a medicine woman alongside leading authorities in neuroscience, shamanism and sacred sexuality. She emerged with a unique methodology that combines ancient healing practices with pragmatic business strategies to build purposeful and profitable empires.

Samantha works with entrepreneurs to help them harness their zone of genius and realise their ultimate potential in life, business and relationships. She has ignited a global movement with an ambitious goal to help one million entrepreneurs by 2030!