The World's Only Humanitarian Leadership and Entrepreneurship Certification that will help you build a purposeful empire, and become fulfillled in all areas of your life along the way!

Learn how to leverage a luxury business model, to realise your highest vision of your life in all areas, in the most efficient and effective way possible.


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Illuminator Hypermind is forCoaches and Entrepreneurs who want to build the 7-8 Figure Purposeful Empire, with a social impact at the centre of their vision!

Without sacrificing their love or family life along the way. This is the only space of it's kind of the world, where I share my unique methodology that incorporates sacred sexuality, relationship tantra, leadership and business strategy all in one place - to help you realise your potential in every area of your life!

Over 12 months and beyond, I’ll teach you everything you need to scale your empire and become the leader you were always destined to become!

This is for you if:

You are a coach who wants to build a 7 or 8+ figure empire, led by a purpose larger than yourself, and you want to do it with a luxury business model, as the most efficient and effective way to make it happen! 

You don't want to sacrifice your love or family life along the way, and want to have it all in a deeply fulfilling, healthy and happy way! 

You want to learn from an extensively trained business strategist with over 16+ years experience who has built an 8+ figure empire, who merges spirituality, strategy and self expression

You want to move at hyper-speed, and make consistently big moves, to help you to create your vision, in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way, without burn out! 

You want a space that combines educational online content, hyper-mind online hot seat calls, retreat and 1-1so you get a hybrid approach of the support you need to make it all happen! 

This isn’t for you if:


You don't know the value of long term mentorship with a mentor who is the role model of where you desire to be


You don't have $42k usd to invest into a business mentor, with funds available or the desire to find funds to be able to make it happen


You are unclear on who you are, what you do, and the largest vision of what your empire is that you desire to create over the next 1-3 years

What sets this apart, is our luxury business approach. Rather than wasting 10 years with a mass market approach, let me show you how to get to where you desire in 2-3 years.

Luxury business models higher profitability, allows you to live your ideal lifestyle sooner, with time for your love and family life, along with being able to give back to causes closest to your heart at the same time! 

What we cover:

Step 1: Purposeful and Profitable Luxury Business Model: Align your ideal lifestyle and social impact, with a luxury business model, so you can experience the most efficient path to your vision! 

Step 2: Diversified Offer Suite: Re-invent your offer suite with an economy, business and first class offer to reach all different buyers, in a way that allows you to get back time and freedom for your love and family life! 

Step 3: Refine your luxury brand to elevate your authority and credibility in your niche & get paid $25k-$100k+ for what you offer, plus attract an abundance of opportunities to become more seen, known and remembered! 

Step 4: Done with you and done for you support to implement the latest sales and marketing system to reach your income and impact goals, without compromising what matters along the way! 

Step 5: Humanitarian leadership and entrepreneurship skill building for 7-8 figure companies, sacred sexuality, and relationship trainings, to support you to realise the highest possible vision you hold for your life in every area! 


WHat would take you 10 years with a mass market business model, can take you 2-3 years with a luxury business model! 

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We only accept limited members per month. There's currently a waiting list, add yourself above and we will be in touch as soon as a space opens.

About Samantha J.

At just 21 years old, Samantha spearheaded her family's business, catapulting it to 8-figure success. But she didn't stop there. Fuelled by a burning desire to embody her divine femininity and masculinity, she embarked on a soul-stirring adventure of self-discovery—an odyssey that led her straight to her ultimate highest purpose in this life.

As she traversed the globe, Samantha honed her gifts as a medicine woman and strategist, learning from luminaries in neuroscience, shamanism, sacred sexuality, and humanitarian leadership. From this sacred alchemy emerged a methodology that seamlessly blends ancient wisdom, scientific insights, and pragmatic business and leadership strategies. The result?

Purposeful and profitable empires where leaders no longer need to compromise. No compromise between profit and purpose. No compromise between authenticity and visibility. No compromise between integrity and influence. This is the realm where a new world in entrepreneurship and leadership thrives—one that celebrates all that you are and all that you aspire to be.

Samantha's unconventional approach empowers coaches to stand out with a luxury brand and a social impact focus. She guides you in building an empire that harmoniously merges purpose and profit, uniting the world as we collectively tackle some of humanity's most pressing challenges: poverty, climate change, sex trafficking, and beyond. Samantha's visionary work has earned her recognition and accolades, with features in prestigious publications like CEO Weekly and Forbes. Fox named her one of the Top 20 Entrepreneurs on the Rise in 2021, and Disrupt Magazine hailed her as one of the Top 7 Women Paving the Way of Success in 2022.

But Samantha's impact doesn't stop there. She has ignited a global movement with an ambitious goal to see one hundred million entrepreneurs and leaders create empires that deliver measurable social impact by 2030 and beyond. With her guidance, the world is transforming, one purpose-driven entrepreneur at a time.

Are you ready to step into your power, leave a profound impact, and create a legacy that reverberates through the ages? Samantha J. is here to guide you on a transformational journey, where purpose meets profit, and the extraordinary becomes your reality. Together, let's shape a future where success is redefined, and the impact we make knows no bounds.



We only accept limited members per month. There's currently a waiting list, add yourself above and we will be in touch as soon as a space opens.

client case studieS

“My business 4X in 12 months"

“What Sam teaches is life-changing… I’m juiced each day to create significant impact in the world..”

“The strength of your message is you helped people to be embodied and empowered in who they are. You make people BELIEVE it, to believe it in themselves and it’s phenomenal.”

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We only accept limited members per month. There's currently a waiting list, add yourself above and we will be in touch as soon as a space opens.