Your Brand Is Vibrational First before Physical

Your Brand Is Vibrational First before Physical

When we have discovered who we authentically are and what we have that’s unique for our soulmate client, then we have the freedom to express this in the world, in a way that provides us with a sense of meaning and purpose. You want to stop comparing, and just focus on this unique offer and creating it in a way which your heart is guiding you to deliver. Try to avoid looking at how it is being done elsewhere, and just stay in your own lane.

As we have been speaking about, often it is when we turn our wounds into our greatest sources of wisdom, compassion and power, that we fi nd knowledge on the other side, then by walking our talk each day comes wisdom. The second principle of an embodied brand is learning to feel courageous and confi dent to express your authenticity in the world, and share your gifts! When you validate the value of your gifts, you stop hiding, let yourself be seen, and expose your gifts and message, by taking up space online and fi nding your voice, because it gives you the most fulfi lment to do so, and because you know it’s an outlet for showing others how to get the results you are now living in your life. Check out my book STAND UP SPEAK UP: A bible for entrepreneurs to release imposter syndrome, stop hiding and find the courage and confidence to build an empire that shapes a better world, where I go in depth for how to stop hiding and start letting yourself be seen.

Build Your Empire From The Inside Out SPEAK UP: A bible for entrepreneurs to release imposter syndrome, stop hiding and fi nd the courage and confi dence to build an empire that shapes a better world, where I go in depth for how to stop hiding and start letting yourself be seen. Branding is not a logo. It’s not your brand colours. It’s not even your website or funnel. A true brand is your energy. It’s the energy that introduces you before you even go in the room. You can’t fake it. You can’t pretend it. You can’t mask it. You can’t bypass your energy. Branding is your energy. The type of brand I help my clients to develop is an embodiment of their unique self-expression. I help them to see that branding is something that is shared in everything you do. Everything you do or don’t do, says something about you. A brand is not who you are when you are just in a zoom meeting. Your brand is who you are every minute of the day. The type of world class branding I help my clients to create, is being an embodiment of the brand, vision, message, values and world they are standing for and against in the world. That’s how you create a brand that truly changes the world. You do this by ensuring that who you are, on and off the zoom call, is a living embodiment of your brand. If your brand stands for self-acceptance, then ensure you live by being accepting of yourself throughout your day. Practise living the brand when you go to the post offi ce, speak to the cafe owner when you get your coffee, and even when a family member pisses you off. This is the type of branding I am an advocate for.

Businesses with this type of brand will attract synchronicities, miracles, opportunities and so much more divine support. Because you are living in integrity with your spiritual connection, you are choosing to sacrifi ce your ego defenses and limitations, and choosing to live as your best self, to the best of your ability, moment to moment throughout your life. You realise you are the walking, living, vibrational, embodied vessel of your brand.

Start to reflect on…

• What are the qualities of your brand personality?

• What are the values of your brand?

• What does your brand stand for and stand against?

• What makes your brand different to others in your industry?

• What do you want your brand to be known for? • What will people feel when they interact with your brand?

• What type of world will your brand help to make possible, and how will you encourage others to be ambassadors of your brand, by the types of belief systems that they will then choose to live to shape a better world?

• How can you express your unique quirks, talents and gifts through your brand?

When you start to see your brand in this way, you will see how your own self-expression is actually a vehicle for change in the world. I know for Samantha J., this brand stands for self-acceptance, self-compassion, authenticity, vulnerability, and self-actualisation, just to name a few. Every day I try to live out this as a vibrational essence. I choose to try to see myself through this lens to the best of my ability each day. I choose to try to see others through this way to the best of my ability. What I now have witnessed is that Samantha J., as a brand, transforms people. Just in the interactions they have with us, they grow in their self-belief, courage, confidence, authenticity, vulnerability, and self-compassion. This is how brands can be a vehicle for change in the world, just simply by the very values the brand chooses to take a stand for and against. I had one of my clients recently say that he had only been in the business school for a couple of weeks, and already his tendency for self-rejection was shifting into self-acceptance, and he noticed that when he was with others he was practising being more real.

This is an example of how an embodied brand changes people. An embodied brand starts with you as the leader modelling the change of what the brand stands for, and you lead the way for others to do the same.

Within my business school, I teach people how to create a unique, world-class brand in this way. It really helps them to start seeing their brand as more than a logo, and instead as a vehicle for change in the world. Your brand is a foundation that everything you do is expressed from. Your soul essence and that clarity of self will then become your business brand in the physical. So you need clarity of authentic self first, and as you live that vibration, your words, logo, website, colours, photos, video, website, and everything you do through your brand, is then the expression of your soul essence in the physical realm. Everything your brand is, you are literally communicating as a frequency into this world. One example of this could be around if your brand speaks to pain points or dreams and possibilities. Old-school branding was a stand for pain points, but your brand may be a stand for dreams and possibilities instead. This means you don’t use old-school marketing that talks to people’s pain, and spreads more pain in the world; instead you use your content to inspire people into a new level of self-belief to have the courage to say yes to new possibilities and hopes beyond their limitations, and you show them how to believe in this.

This is an excerpt of the book. Click here to read more and get your free copy.

About Samantha

Samantha J is an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author and soulful speaker – a business empress who merges spirituality and entrepreneurship to help women and men make a meaningful impact on the world.

Samantha works with entrepreneurs to help them harness their zone of genius and realise their ultimate potential in life, business and relationships. She has ignited a global movement with an ambitious goal to see one million women and men embody their empress and emperor by 2030.

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