Leading from Wholeness

To lead from our wholeness to the best of our ability is to discover who we authentically know ourselves to be today, including our internal feelings and desires, then congruently align this with a vision for our lives.

To lead from our wholeness to the best of our ability is to discover who we authentically know ourselves to be today, including our internal feelings and desires, then congruently align this with a vision for our lives. When we align it to a single vision for our lives, in choosing to take action, create momentum and move in its direction, then precession gets to start being created within our lives. Precession is a term that got coined by a mentor I worked with called Marshall Thurber. Marshall, in one of our trainings, spoke about how life doesn’t always go exactly as we plan for it to. The most important thing though is to set a goal, and start to move in motion towards it, and only then can the new possibilities open for us. This is what precession is. At the 90 degree corner of our eyes, as we set in movement towards that goal, we might find a more meaningful purpose, or it may change its form along the way, but only when we choose to keep moving in the direction of the goal can life participate as we grow, change and evolve along the way.

This has been the case for many businesses; for example, Tiffany and Co started as a stationary store, Nokia was once a paper mill. For myself, I have always been driven by the idea of the importance of true self-belonging. This started out in the first half of my entrepreneurial career building property developments to provide people with a sense of belonging, and these days, I am helping people with the same level of self-belonging, just delivered in a different way in helping them build empires on a foundation of self-belonging. I could only have realised this by continuing to follow my heart and trusting in the direction of following what set my soul on fire with passion and enthusiasm. If I had in any way been worried by, will it work, won’t it, can I do it, can’t I do it, is this it, is it not... I wouldn’t have been able to sustain the level of inspiration, execution and focus it’s taken to get here.

I’ve learned it’s best to not overthink it. Go within, ask your heart what’s true of how you wish to live your life, in a way that will support you to realise your potential, share your unique gifts, contribute, and start doing what sets your soul on fire, and do not look back. Be open to it changing, evolving and forming in new ways along the way. Only when you stay connected to your heart and authentic self along the way, will you know what doors to open and close, and most importantly keep looking at what’s opening up for you in the 90 degrees axis of your life. A great example of this for me started to happen when I was leading my family’s 8-figure property development, I started to notice in the 90 degrees axis I kept getting asked to do talks on helping people to support mental health awareness in businesses, or bring the soul (what I knew as spirituality) into how they were leading their team with sales and business growth. I became curious with the pattern of where the universe was guiding me, through the repeated synchronicities, and I began to trust it. One day I left that job, following that 90 degrees thread, and look at where I am here today... now supporting people to build empires aligned to their authentic self. You never know for certain where it’s going to lead you when you keep trusting in this way. I promise you, it’s probably going to be nothing like you ever envisaged, or maybe it will be exactly like it, I just know for me, it’s wilder than I ever imagined. I have been constantly surprised along this journey, as I did things my head said were absolutely crazy, like moving to the other side of the world and selling everything. Somehow the universe has just supported me every step of the journey. I just needed to focus on one step ahead of where I was, whilst holding and believing in that bigger we-centric movement’s vision I could see through my heart. Another great example of this is the well-known story of the alchemist.

The alchemist goes along his journey, making friends, falling in love, loses everything, but at the end of the day he is connected to his heart. He learns by the end that whilst he found the buried treasure, the biggest gift of the journey was everything he experienced along the way. Precession helps us to be growth motivated rather than deficiency motivated. The treasure is our heart, and the enjoyment is in being able to express our sense of wholeness and all that we are right now and here, as worthy and enough, flaws and insecurities included, presenting our most imperfect self to the world, and valuing all that we are. As we move in that direction of that we-centric movement, everything else is just a PLUS to the level of happiness, peace, fulfilment, enough-ness, worthiness, love and validation we already feel inside.

If we can appreciate the treasure of who we are here today as enough, then we won’t betray ourselves for false notions of success along the journey, and won’t become a dick if we have more success. If we don’t have that strong connection to who we are here today as enough, we may be tempted to abandon and betray our true self along the way for validation, approval and love.

This will mean coming to the end of the journey, barren of the treasure that was already within, feeling unfulfilled, or if we did get success, we will lose it because we didn’t have the connection to what’s needed to keep it – our worthiness and approval of our true self, and the willingness to therefore give it what it needs and protect it with boundaries, so it remains safe. Starting the journey with a strong sense of secure self means the integrity found in our sense of wholeness will be infused in our empire. The intention behind our empire, creates more of this in the world. So as we lead from worthiness, love approval, our empire will therefore create more of this in the world. Every marketing message, sales touch point, leadership conversation and more will then be infused with this sense of love, wholeness and integrity. This is a new form of leading and creating, it’s how we create a whole world. Simply by leading from our own sense of wholeness. Because broken leaders, create broken businesses, and therefore create a broken world, and the cycle only then just perpetuates. If we really want to change the world, we must learn to create it from within ourselves, and be the change we most wish to see in the world.

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Samantha J is an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author and soulful speaker – a business empress who merges spirituality and entrepreneurship to help women and men make a meaningful impact on the world.

Samantha works with entrepreneurs to help them harness their zone of genius and realise their ultimate potential in life, business and relationships. She has ignited a global movement with an ambitious goal to see one million women and men embody their empress and emperor by 2030.

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