Go for Originality over Cookie Cutter

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” - Coco Chanel

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” - Coco Chanel

I’ll tell you a story. For me, I was always changing my branding, probably a million times before I had the courage to create something that was truly reflective of my brand. In fact, if you go back through my Instagram and Facebook, before I launched Samantha J., I think that I had changed my branding and the colour of my hair over 4 times (oops!). It was truly hard to land my own original brand in the world, that was a stand for my we-centric movement, and what I wished to consistently move in the direction of, if I didn’t have a sense of divine clarity in who I was. I learned that it’s best to be original in our brand, go for custom logos, fonts, colours, everything, do something that’s never been done before, and work with an agency that helps to extract your unique soul essence and refl ect it through your brand. That speaks volumes over cookie-cutter brands. But to do this, there will be a journey of discovering your authenticity. When you land in that authenticity, the brand will fl ow through effortlessly. You want the brand, and every touch point of that brand, to be felt. It needs to feel like you, your brand personality, and be something you are so freaking proud of, that brings tears of joy and bursts your heart open with love every time you see it. You need to be so in love with your brand, that it’s something you are proud to show off to your friends, and feels like it’s an expression of your higher self that truly speaks to the soul essence of who you know yourself to be inside.

The previous iterations of my brand were constantly changing, because I didn’t feel safe and secure to be able to stand in who I was in the world. I found that as soon as I became more safe and secure in the big, bright and beautiful version of myself, the courage came to invest in the 6-fi gure brand of what Samantha J. was to make it world-class. I made my brand world-class, and high-end, and this is what I now teach others to do too. Remember, you can’t convince others to pay a CHANEL RATE when you are branding yourself as a charity or a hobby business. If you are showing up online like you just got out of bed, you don’t think through what value you are trying to deliver in your live, and don’t want to be on time for your own zoom calls, then you are not really taking your brand and business seriously, so people will be less likely to trust you if they value things, because you are not showing your value in the way that you communicate your brand to your audience.

If you want to truly be the best in the world, and deliver the impact you know were born to have and create, you need to ensure the brand you have speaks to the value of the true originality of who you are, and what you do. I get how uncomfortable this can make one feel. When I was spending thousands on decking out my new wardrobe, getting world-class photos, videos and a website, I saw the voice inside of myself going… but what will people think, maybe this is too much, maybe if I am dressing this way or that, people will start judging me, thinking I am superfi cial, they’ll misunderstand me. These were all the voices of that insecure self that didn’t feel safe and secure to be big, bright and beautiful in the world. I took some time, and journeyed back into my heart, and validated once more why this brand was so important. I wanted to be taken seriously, and to be taken seriously by others, meant taking myself seriously. I couldn’t believe how much more confi dent I felt, when I had a brand that was aligned to the value, soul essence and originality of who I was. I felt myself feeling so much more confi dent to share my offerings, message and self-expression in the world, and I knew that meant impacting more people, so I chose to jump and go for it. I felt the fear and did it anyway, and this was one of the best ways to land my message in the world.

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Samantha J is an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author and soulful speaker – a business empress who merges spirituality and entrepreneurship to help women and men make a meaningful impact on the world.

Samantha works with entrepreneurs to help them harness their zone of genius and realise their ultimate potential in life, business and relationships. She has ignited a global movement with an ambitious goal to see one million women and men embody their empress and emperor by 2030.

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