Embodied Branding

Your Energy Is Irreplaceable; Stop Comparing, Discover your Unique Genius and Stand Confidently in It with Your High-End Empire Offer

Your Energy Is Irreplaceable; Stop Comparing, Discover your Unique Genius and Stand Confidently in It with Your High-End Empire Offer

“The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profi t.” - Richard Branson

We are moving into a time in humanity’s development where the market is beyond false promises, manipulative marketing, pushy sales, or advocating for a world and not being the living embodiment of it. We are beyond the idea that the world needs saving, and letting our ego come in as the savior for a broken world. The world isn’t broken, and so when you hear me speaking about wishing to create a we-centric movement of 1 million entrepreneurs embodying their empress and emperor to build empires that shape a better world, I don’t wish to come across as assuming that the world is broken, that the world needs saving, or to be rescued. What I am in fact suggesting, is that whatever we see the world is most in need of, we have to choose to become, and provide to ourselves. The world will only refl ect what we feel, believe and need within. If we see a broken world, we can use it as a mirror to refl ect on where within us we feel broken. Whatever you see the world is most in need of, be and do that, give yourself that, and then let your own realised expression in that truth be what helps you to contribute in a meaningful way in your movement, and be the change in the world.

The way I teach this in my business school, is I talk about merging spirituality, self-expression and business strategy to build empires that shape a better world. This is how we build our empires from the inside out. Once we have clarity on our true self, know how we wish to contribute that authentic self in the world to realise our gifts, and discover more of our own authenticity, then we need to learn how to create a brand and business around this. This is what I call embodied branding. To create an embodied brand requires three qualities – spirituality, self-expression and business strategy.

As you can see in the image above, it fi rst starts with discovering our true self, having an understanding of who we truly are, and learning to accept the full package of who we are: our greatness, strengths, gifts and also our fl aws and insecurities. This is how to live the fi rst quality which is spirituality. When we learn to live our lives from a spiritual perspective in this way, we can learn to see the divinity in all aspects of our self, our fears, doubts, shame, fear, strengths, gifts, it all. By living our life through this lens, we can see that there’s always a higher perspective for the circumstances in life and business. By connecting to the creator archetype within, we can choose to take personal responsibility for our life, and trust that there’s a presence greater than ourselves that’s always taking care of us. We are never alone, and if we choose to live life in accordance with our heart, and our own truth, we are always being guided in the direction of life: to have experiences, meet people, have successes, failures, learnings, setbacks and all the adventures we need to have to ultimately realise our greatest potential. If we choose to build our empire upon this spiritual principle, we transform from being a victim of life, to being the creator of our own empire. Whatever happens along the journey, there’s a greater level of acceptance, detachment and ability to fl ow with grace through the circumstances that happen, as we can continue to ask, what is this experience teaching me that’s positive for my future?

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About Samantha j.

Samantha J. is the sought after “Illuminator” - the world’s only luxury business strategist and medicine woman, that merges spirituality, strategy and self expression to help coaches and personal brands to scale to 7-8 figures and become fulfilled in all areas of their life along the way! Samantha is also a multi 8 figure award winning entrepreneur, 6 x best-selling author and soulful speaker.

Her unconventional approach, helps coaches stand out with a luxury brand, and social impact focus, to build an empire that merges purpose and profit, unifying the world by solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges such as poverty, climate change and eradicating sex trafficking. Samantha has been named as one of the Top 20 Entrepreneurs on the Rise by Fox in 2021, and one of the Top 7 Women Paving the Way of Success in 2022 by Disrupt Magazine, for her efforts, with a vision to help 100 million purposeful and profitable empires in her lifetime through her business school Humanitarian B-School and her luxury business agency, Illuminator.

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